The cloud for fresh snow is the world´s first outdoor research lab for low energy snow production. The construction is based on the hybrid configuration of bent wood and minimal surface membranes in the form of a spherical tetrahedron. The temporary lab was used in the winter 2014/15. It is a milestone for the start-up company www.neuschnee.co.at


The first concepts were done by Walter Klasz and Michael Bacher (CEO of Neuschnee) in a design session in St. Sigmund in February 2014. In this time Walter was asked to be an extern teacher at the University of Innsbruck. So Walter brought the project to the unit koge, where also Switbert Greiner was invited to teach Structural Design. The scientific supervision was done by Günther Filz as a temporary head of the unit koge. Finally following five students have been involved: Harald Dengg, Tobias Hauer, Peter Kammerlander, Felix Müller, Katharina Weber. The construction drawings were done in the design studio of Walter Klasz supported by Tobias Hauer. Special thanks to Peter Huter (CEO of www.huter.soehne.at) and to Sebastian Koch (CEO of www.kochmembranen.de)

Selected Publications


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