Contractor: Deloitte Tirol | Kapferer Frei Grüner
Redesign of 3 offices: Innsbruck, Imst and  St. Anton for over 70 employees
date: 2009 -2013


The main philosophy of the worldwide acting company is "Think globally, and act locally". The main task as a designer was to create a link between the international Corporate Identity and the local cultures and buildings. The rectangular office in Innsbruck consists of three storries facing to the Landhausplatz. The railing of the internal stair leads and turns into the reception area. The existing columns are used as part of the integrated furnitures such as the common bar in the center of the office. People and customers feel well and the employees doubled since I am working for Deloitte Tirol.

Selected Publications


Architekt Walter Klasz  | +43 699 167 666 54 | walter@klasz.at |  Rathausplatz 7, 4550 Kremsmünster

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