The company Klepper asked the designer Walter Klasz for a new multifunctional product, which can be transportet in two back bags. The name backyak (Idea of Carla Baumann) consists of back and kayak merging into one word. The concept is to use the back bag itself as part of the kayak in that way, that the sleeping-bag, food and cooker find place, too. The German slogan for the launch of the prototype 01 was "Zwei Rucksäcke voller Abenteuer". For Walter Klasz the work was finished with the prototype. Due to the company, contemporary some optimizations in the mass-production line are in ongoing progress.

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Architekt Walter Klasz  | +43 699 167 666 54 | walter@klasz.at |  Rathausplatz 7, 4550 Kremsmünster

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