The public building church and municipal centre Rif  in Salzburg is a case study for solar integrated self-sufficient design, where urban issues, space allocation plan and energetically functions have been solved simultaneously. The solar issue was the main relevant boundary condition for the form-finding of the architecture, whereas the appearance of the building does not attract the attention to solar energy but to a useable sculpture.

The design solution provides two clearly separated spaces with outdoor puffer zones. At the same time the building is appreciated as one (not two) relevant public building of the living district. The long-time success of the collaboration of both partners consists in the closeness and clear separation at the same time, which supports spontaneous interactions and evolving relations.


The first contact and the feasibility study was done by myself personally. As the CEO of my company klaszkleeberger, I was responsible for the design supervision. Our team consisted of Georg Kleeberger, Linda Schwab, Jenny Karl and Clemens Gudenus. The complete team can be seen in the publications (below).

Selected Prizes

Selected Publications:

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