Contractor: Landesschulrat für Tirol
Time: 3 Phases 2011 - 2014


Since Christian Grote is the new director of the tourismcollege in Innsbruck, all main spaces have been changed in form and appearance. As they also teach bar-keepers and front-office managers, the new concept focuses on this areas. As there was no public money for the multifunctional wall in the new hall, I have suggested to collaborate with the students of the HTL-Imst in form of a guided competition including realization. The amount of students is increasing every year the students fell well - not only in the bar.

link to the tourismcollege

Architekt Walter Klasz – 6184 St. Sigmund Nr.12, Austria | walter@klasz.at | +43 699 16766654Imprinti1i2