New Book by W.Klasz: INBETWEEN | published by ePress - New Zealand

Date of Publication: 23.3.2017
Author: W. Klasz
ISBN 978-1-927214-21-3


Research based teaching at the TU-Vienna KUNST2 with Univ. Prof. Christian Kern, Summerterm 2017

Meanwhile continuing as researcher at Walter Klasz teaches for one semester at the Institute of Art and Design in the team of Univ. Prof. Christian Kern in the field of Active Bending and Sustainable Design.


Kick off - Workshop NEUSCHNEE Go-to-market, Standortagentur Tirol, 22. Nov. 2016

Walter Klasz is invited to contribute with his expertise in sustainable design to the product development for the Neuschnee GmbH. Whereas the "chip" (techique for sustainable powder snow - patent of the year 2016) is developed by Michael Bacher, the design and the assembly concept for the sustainable light-weight construction will be lead by Walter Klasz as researcher (PhD-topic) at the faculty of architecture in Innsbruck.


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